Rafting in Valnerina

The Agriturismo Colle Ombroso collaborates with Nomad, rafting center of Valnerina that offers excursions for all levels of difficulty with qualified staff on reservation.
Prices Euro 30 per person
Groups (min. 6 persons) Euro 25 x person
Family (2 ad. + 2 kid.) Euro 100
Reservation obligation 1-2 days before


For the most sporty Agriturismo Colle Shady also organizes descent of ravines and streams at Monte Cucchi and Monte Nerone, with qualified guides.
Cost € 45 per person (Euro 40 reduced), including technical material: minimum age 14 years, duration 4-5 hours.

Decorating Courses

In collaboration with Gypsea, a workshop of stucco art, we organize pre-school and young decoration courses at the shop located in the center of Gubbio, in front of the Fontana dei Matti. Delivery of the manufactured product and the Diploma of participation.
Cost Euro 25 per person (minimum two participants) duration 2 hours.

Horseback riding in the park of Monte Cucco

Lessons and walks for adults and children (ponies) at the Equestrian circus Piand'Isola to discover the surroundings of Costacciaro and the Parco del Monte Cucco.

Cost Euro 20 per person. 

Hermitage Tour

Guided visit to the monastery of Fonte Avellana, built at the end of the 10th century, where it is said Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy and the Abbey of St. Emiliano in the conjunctions, built by the Templars.

Euro 69 per person (Euro 49 for children up to 14 years old). 

Goretti Umbria Tours

              Museum of Fabriano paper and tour of Gubbio
We will discover the materials and techniques of production of the paper Masters.
Included lunch and guided tour of Gubbio, one of the most beautiful medieval cities.
Cost € 69 per person (Euro 49 for boys up to 14 years old)
Goretti Umbria Tours

                     Visit to the cave of Mount Cucco
The cave of M. Cucco awaits you with its 30 km of trails (discovery Route, adventure, Traverse) and its expert guides.
Admission free or on reservation depending on the route: Prices from 12 to 50 euros depending on the length of the route, lasting from 2 to 5 hours.

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